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I can't run. But that doesn't mean I'm not fast.Here I am typing into this story. Hello!'Hello' I said back, my goddess down upon bended nee pleading for supplication.I can type things hereNow i cantype on the leftAdd this to the tale pull my leg, I fart.

Highway Wastes

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I give her a smile and a quick peck on the cheek. "We're getting her back. I promise you." Through the infinite wall of dust and fire...we ride together into the horizon, the Beast howling behind us.We've got some road to burn.This is my writing on the story. Here I am!!!!! djdj jiodjdiowjiojjiojiodjioqwdjiqwodjiqwowjdioqwjdioqdjiqwodjiqwodji


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He got up with difficulty. "No, you won't," he said. "The good old days are only ever good when they're gone. That's what makes them good. When you're living through them, they're just... days."He slow-stepped ahead of me towards the lab. Then he spoke without turning his head: "And days go by really fast, man. They go by really fast."hey i'm adding to this

Henry Potter and the Scientists Flask

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"Yep!" Roy said. "But don't get used to it. My brothers said the food gets worse after the first night. They're trying to make a good impression and whatnot." He followed that sentence by shoveling another forkful into his mouth.Henry looked down at his orange blob. He decided he didn't like being a scientist very much.asdfghwerfghwedf

Nose Cheese

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He returned soon, clutching a briefcase, which he handed to the pizza man, who laid it on the floor and clicked it open, revealing a pristine pizza box. Slowly and carefully, he stood, and then handed it to me."It’s all in there, dude." What the hell were these guys on about? I opened the box. "Guys, I didn’t order a box of flour."hi im wrting on this story.....