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Everyone is born with a disability and an ability. A test is done at birth to determine these, if they aren't already apparent. You, well, you were born with crippled legs and have the power of super speed. (story from: /u/Razputin7)

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See, what most people don't realise about super speed is that it doesn't just affect your legs. Your entire body moves fast.

People never tend to get that because you see guys like Ravel Alton sprinting at three hundred kilometres an hour down the speedway. I mean, it's more impressive visually than what I can do... but I like to think that my abilities are pretty good.

by kyle

"Checkmate," I smile, knocking over the white king with my own rook. Valentin, my opponent, stares at me in shock. By the look on his face, my guess is that his ability was mind-reading. It's a good way to become a chess champion, I'll give him that.

But he can't keep up with me.

See, from the femtosecond his finger touched the first piece, I started running through the possible moves in my head. All of them.

Do you know how many possible positions there are after each player moves three times? More than 9 million. That goes up to 288 billion after four moves each.

But when you can't move without a wheelchair, and when you have a brain that can scan and memorise information faster than anything else on the planet... and when you also have a lot of time on your hands... you can memorise everything.

Every perfect game...

by shad

Not to mention, of course... Valentin might be able to read minds. But he can't process information as fast as I can. Which leaves him unable to comprehend the million, million, million thoughts I have every nanosecond.

I can't run. But that doesn't mean I'm not fast.

Here I am typing into this story. Hello!

'Hello' I said back, my goddess down upon bended nee pleading for supplication.

I can type things here

Now i cantype on the left

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pull my leg, I fart.

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